Dr. Steven Lambert, Director of DeliveranceNow.ComDr. Steven Lambert is the founder and director of DeliveranceNow.Com. As a Board Certified Doctoral Diplomate Licensed Clinical Christian Therapist (LCCT), ordained minister, lettered theologian, and affirmed prophet, he is well-qualified to establish and lead this deliverance ministry, as well as to minister to the literally thousands desperately needing the miracle power of God in their lives to whom he has ministered over more than three and a half decades of ministry.

Nevertheless it is the inordinate anointing God has bestowed upon and operates through him that sets the captives free. God tells us in His Word that it is the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage, and over the years God has proven Himself faithful to His Word in Dr. Lambert’s ministry. Indeed, Dr. Lambert has an anointing to make prophetic proclamations over individuals, churches, and cities to break long-lived strongholds and bondages, producing liberation, salvation, and victories. In 1993 he was given a prophetic word describing a new measure of deliverance power that the Lord was releasing in his ministry:


"…you shall but only speak, and deliverance will come forth to set the captives free, for you shall be a deliverer as Moses was a deliverer; but you shall only strike the waters with Moses’ staff and they shall be parted, and my people shall cross over on dry ground, and deliverance and salvation and victory shall come, but you shall not have to labor long wrestling with demons but shall but speak the word of emancipation, declaring, "You’re free," and they shall be free by prophetic proclamation…. The Words that shall be in your mouth shall not be your words, but My Words, for I will put My Words in your mouth, and these Words shall bring down kingdoms of darkness and strongholds over this city and many other cities, and over churches, and over individual’s lives. For this is a strongman ministry…. I have called you to go into cities and churches to bring down the principalities, the ruling princes, that have been ruling in the heavenlies over those cities and churches and individuals. You will be a voice of mercy and a voice of my judgment…."

Dr. Lambert was born in 1948, Born Again in 1976, and celebrated his thirtieth year of ministry in 2006. He is the author of an ever-growing number of books, booklets, study courses, and articles2, some of which are available on the Internet1. His book, Charismatic Captivation3, is regarded as a principal resource on the subject of authoritarian abuse in Neo-Pentecostal Churches and related topics. He has also been consulted by the media as an expert on Christian cults and authoritarian abuse.

Dr. Lambert is also the founder and Overseer of Ephesians Four Network, a fellowship of Fivefold Ministers relating and colaboring for common purposes and accomplishment of the end-time purposes and plans of God, as well as its subsidiary, Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Ministers, both of which issue credentials to qualified ministers.

Dr. Lambert is available to minister in churches and conferences on the topics of his books, articles, and study courses, as well as to conduct deliverance in meetings and private consultations.

He is also available to minister deliverance to you, either by phone or in person. To schedule a deliverance consultation, click on the Contact page link on the navigation menu.

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