Becoming an affiliate of DeliveranceNow.Com portal is a prudent and beneficial decision for your deliverance ministry. The following are some of the benefits of affiliation.

Affiliation with a larger consortium of credible, affirmed, and recognized deliverance/counseling ministers and workers, who have met some fundamental standards of Christian creed and ethics, provides an additional level of credibility to the public.

Collegiality, Coalescence, and Collaboration:
Historically, professionals of many fields of expertise have discerned a need to coalesce for the purposes of collegiality and collaboration, and have formed fellowships to facilitate those aims. A synergism results when people coalesce in concinnity (harmonious colabor) that does not exist otherwise. An enhanced expertise and understanding derived through interaction with colleagues in the field via seminars, conferences, and consultation is another vital benefit of collegiality. The need for these elements is evident and agreed to deliverance workers of any duration, and the vast majority greatly desire it but find obtaining it difficult.

Community and Connection:
Besides the need for professional interaction, there is also a great need for personal relationships among those who are laboring on behalf of Christ in this field of endeavor. Authentic "Christianity" is about community. We need one another! There is a fundamental desire in the Born Again human spirit for connection with like-minded people of kindred-spirit.

Though we engage in a spiritual activity, the practical side is evident. Unless people know about our ministry in order to avail themselves of it, we simply cannot help anyone. Like all enterprises, publicizing our existence is vital. Moreover, because of the nature of the endeavor, most deliverance counselors must work within the constraints of a limited budget for publicity and promotion of their ministry. A web presence can be very beneficial in this regard, but maintaining and funding their own website is not feasible for many workers. Affiliation with our portal provides a viable solution to that problem. We offer six levels of affiliation with graduating services. We do the work, you reap the benefits!

Another aspect of communication is the education that this portal provides to the public regarding the matter of deliverance, through articles, products, and other content offered on the website. The mere existence and content of this portal devoted exclusively to the matter of deliverance is a significant source of continuing credibility and credence to the matter, which indirectly benefits all deliverance ministers.

Convenience and Centrality:
An internet search, using any of the various search engines, will produce a massive maze and minefield of entities publicizing some relevance to the matter of deliverance, ranging from those whose name merely contains the word "deliverance," to those angrily denouncing the matter of casting out demons to those who foolishly claim that demons do not even exist. For those who are desperately crying out for real help in being set free from the vexation and torment of demons in their lives finding that help often becomes so daunting that they give up in frustration. The primary reason the DeliveranceNow.Com portal was established is to do what we can to abate that dilemma and to assist those needing deliverance in finding an effective and experienced deliverance minister to help them. We provide a convenient and centralized portal for the public to find information and ministry related to the matter of deliverance. Our desire is to truly be "Deliverance Central" and thereby serve the Body of Christ.

Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors:
Are you a deliverance counselor/minister who would like to have and benefit from additional affirmation and recognition?

DeliveranceNow.Com is associated with Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors (EFNDC), a subsidiary of the Ephesians Four Network, both of which were founded by the founder/director of DeliveranceNow.Com, Dr. Steven Lambert. Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors offers credentials and fellowship to experienced deliverance counselors/ministers in order to provide them with the affirmation and recognition they deserve and can benefit from in their deliverance counseling practice.

As one involved in deliverance ministry for nearly 40 years himself, Dr. Lambert knows well the difficulties, hardships, tribulations, and various forms of persecution, including “friendly fire,” associated with this specialized form of ministry. It is his personal experiences and desire to do something to help fellow deliverance ministers that motivated him to form the EFNDC as a fellowship for deliverance ministry colleagues around the world.

For more information on credentials and membership, go to the Ephesians Four Network of Deliverance Counselors website:

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  • If you are only interested in consideration as a deliverance minister referral, select the "I want consideration as a referral" option, and provide a brief summary of the type of deliverance issues you specialize in, if any, in the Questions/Comments section. There are no fees for this level, and means that, if approved, you would be among the deliverance ministries on file to whom we refer people contacting DeliveranceNow.Com requesting in-person deliverance who live in your general vicinity.



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