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Are you a Born Again Christian but vexed with:
mental, emotional, or behavioral problems despite all your spiritual pursuits and best efforts at overcoming them?

Are you sometimes overcome with such things as:
anger, rage, hatred, self-hatred, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, vengefulness, despair, despondency, discouragement, defeat, guilt, shame, condemnation, chronic depression, suicidal or self-destructive thoughts, or debilitating fears or phobias?

Are you bound and controlled by:
compulsions, addictions, obsessions, or perversions, in your life?

Are you being controlled by:
a dominating/controlling person operating in the Jezebel spirit or another spirit of sorcery, someone waging witchcraft, voodoo, omens, spells, or other forms of sorcery over you, or an abusive relationship in your life?

Have you brought curses upon yourself and your family by:
involvement in or with any form of witchcraft, New Age and metaphysical beliefs and practices, astrology, horoscopes, seances, mediums, psychics, black and so-called “white” magic, voodoo, omens, casting of spells, or a myriad of other forms of sorcery?

Do you find yourself repeating cycles of:
behaviors (such as those mentioned above) or circumstances that also vexed your ancestors/relatives (such as poverty and patterns of failure, etc.) [generational curses]?

Are you sick and tired of living the way you’ve been living?
Are you finally sick and tired enough to break out of the box of conventional ways, methods, and so-called “wisdom” of the crowds around you, who are no or little better off than you? Remember: insanity can be defined as continuing to do the same things you’ve been doing, following the same paths you’ve been following, but expecting different results! Are you ready to hear God’s answers and receive God’s deliverance now?

If the answer to any of these questions is — YES:
It is highly likely that demonic powers (i.e., demons, evil spirits) are the real source behind these outward manifestations, and that the only real solution is for them to be forcefully driven out of your life through the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. God’s Word declares, “The ANOINTING breaks the yoke (of bondage).” Moreover, it is highly unlikely that you will ever experience real freedom from the demonic bonds that are binding you apart from deliverance (expelling of demons) ministered to you by a servant of God anointed with God’s supernatural power to cast demons out of people’s lives, to break curses, and prophetically decree breakthroughs and turnarounds in former captives’ lives.

Psychological therapy will not set you free:
One thing is for absolute certain: while psychological counseling through mental health counselors may provide some benefit on a psychological level, the Word of God and the account of Jesus’ ministry in the Gospels makes it unequivocally and irrefutably clear that demons cannot be counseled. Rather, the ONLY remedy prescribed in the Word of God for demonization is that the demons MUST BE CAST OUT!

DeliveranceNow.Com Can Help:
Dr. Steven Lambert, Director of DeliveranceNow.ComThe director of DeliveranceNow.Com, Dr. Steven Lambert, a Doctoral Diplomate Board Certified Christian Counselor and ordained minister, has been used of the Lord for nearly 40 years to minister deliverance to thousands of people desperately needing the miracle power of God in their lives in both private one-on-one sessions and en mass.

Dr. Lambert is available to minister to you also, either in person or by phone or Skype. Because it is the Spirit of God who performs the miracles (deliverance is an aspect of the supernatural miracle-working power of the Spirit), and because there is no time, space, or distance in the spirit realm, real, effective deliverance and healing can be ministered via phone consultations. With your cooperation and compliance with his instructions to you on behalf of the Lord, you can receive the help you need through the strong anointing God has given Dr. Lambert to liberate victims of demonic influence.

God Is Able:
God is omnipotent, which means all-powerful! That’s why Jesus said, “With God all things are possible!” God is also omnipresent, which means His Presence—in the Person of the Holy Spirit—is EVERYWHERE! So, when you put that all together, God is all-powerful to do anything, anywhere, any time! His delivering power knows no bounds! In short, GOD IS ABLE!

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Deliverance 101 Teaching MP3 Download:
Before we will schedule a deliverance counseling session, we now require every counselee download and listen to a TWO-PART teaching in MP3 file format, entitled, Deliverance 101, by our director, Dr. Steven Lambert, which you can buy/download by clicking on the “Add to Cart” buttons below. The cost of each recording is $4.99.

This TWO-PART teaching is basically a primer on deliverance, and addresses many of the fundamental matters, issues, and commonly asked questions about deliverance. It also helps you to know if deliverance is what you need/want, before scheduling any deliverance sessions. Listening to this teaching is the best way to prepare yourself for deliverance, and is a valuable money-saver and time-saver due to the time that would otherwise be required to address these matters and issues during actual counseling sessions. Plus, once you download the MP3 files onto your computer, podcast player, or mobile device, you can listen to the teaching as many times as you want, both in preparation for your counseling session(s) and afterward to help you to understand and remind yourself how to keep your deliverance and move forward.

Note: Payment is via the PayPal® gateway using any credit/debit card, but a PayPal® account is NOT required. Upon purchase, download links will automatically and immediately be sent to the email address you provide. This method of delivery as MP3 download is the only way we can provide the recordings at this low cost to you.

Deliverance-101 (Part-1)
Deliverance-101 (Part-2)


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Deliverance From Demonic Powers eBook — For more information regarding deliverance, we highly recommend you download this Ebook and read it prior to counseling appointments, especially if deliverance is known or suspected to be involved in your counseling. The eBook is available for immediate download. Read More >>

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