Deliverance 101 Teaching MP3 Download:
Before we will schedule a deliverance counseling session, we now require every counselee download and listen to a TWO-PART teaching in MP3 file format, entitled, Deliverance 101, by our director, Dr. Steven Lambert, which you can buy/download by clicking on the “Add to Cart” buttons below. The cost of each recording is $4.99.

This TWO-PART teaching is basically a primer on deliverance, and addresses many of the fundamental matters, issues, and commonly asked questions about deliverance. It also helps you to know if deliverance is what you need/want, before scheduling any deliverance sessions. Listening to this teaching is the best way to prepare yourself for deliverance, and is a valuable money-saver and time-saver due to the time that would otherwise be required to address these matters and issues during actual counseling sessions. Plus, once you download the MP3 files onto your computer, podcast player, or mobile device, you can listen to the teaching as many times as you want, both in preparation for your counseling session(s) and afterward to help you to understand and remind yourself how to keep your deliverance and move forward.

Note: Payment is via the PayPal® gateway using any credit/debit card, but a PayPal® account is NOT required. Upon purchase, download links will automatically and immediately be sent to the email address you provide. This method of delivery as MP3 download is the only way we can provide the recordings at this low cost to you.

Deliverance-101 (Part-1)
Deliverance-101 (Part-2)

Please understand the following form is NOT for “prayer requests” or requesting prayer, but rather ONLY for requesting deliverance counseling. This is a deliverance ministry. While, of course, we believe in prayer, and prayer is certainly necessary, needed, and helpful, deliverance is personal ministry that goes beyond prayer. When demonic powers are at work in someone’s life, prayer is not what is needed for that person to be set free from the presence, activity, and effects of the demons. Rather, what is needed is for someone to cast or drive the demons out of the person’s life. Not once in the Gospels is it recorded that Jesus prayed for someone who was demonized. Rather, He cast the demons out by commanding them to leave the demonized person. That is the definition of deliverance and is also what we do at DeliveranceNow.Com. There are many “prayer ministries” available online and seen on television. If prayer is what you need, contact one of them.

How To Contact Us:
Complete and submit the following form. When you press the “Submit” button, your browser will be automatically redirected to another page that will explain more about the process and provide more information, and give you an opportunity to make a donation for deliverance counseling.

If you are unwilling to make a freewill donation to help support this ministry and are angry that we request a donation, there is no need for you to go any further or fill out the form, because you are not ready for deliverance and would not receive deliverance anyway. As explained in Dr. Lambert’s deliverance manual, one of the most important keys to deliverance is trust in and cooperation with the deliverance minister. If you are angry about being asked to give to God by giving to His servant, you are angry at God, because He is the ultimate Giver, and one of the most important Kingdom principles is giving cheerfully and willingly toward the support of His ministers: “God loves a CHEERFUL giver” (2 Cor. 9:7). If you are opposed to this matter of giving, you are opposed to God and His Kingdom, and therefore will not receive deliverance from Him because He is the ultimate Deliverer, while His servants are His human surrogates on earth, anointed, appointed, and sent to minister to you!

Moreover, this is NOT your ministry, and so you are not the one who determines the way this ministry operates! You are free to run YOUR ministry, O critic, however you want! This ministry has heard from God on His will for this ministry, and He over-rules you and your opinions! Frankly, we don’t care about your opinions, because your opinions are more than likely not really your own anyway, but the lies and deception of the demons you need deliverance from! YOU are the one with the demons, not us, so you are not the one to dictate to us how this deliverance ministry should be run! For us to listen to you and your demons would be like the surgeon receiving his instructions on how to perform the operation from the patient, or the prisoners dictating to the warden how to run the prison! We don’t listen to demons, because they are all liars and never speak Truth! If you don’t like how we run this ministry, there are thousands of other ministries/ministers on the internet, ask them to cast your demons out! We’re not going to play patty-cake with you and your demons, or let you fill our ears with your demonic garbage and refuse!

Instructions regarding this form:

  • If you are interested in deliverance counseling by phone or Skype, select the “I want deliverance counseling by phone/Skype” option, and provide a brief summary of the issues for which you need deliverance in the Questions/Comments section.
  • If you are interested in deliverance counseling in-person, select the “I want deliverance counseling in-person” option, and provide a brief summary of the issues for which you need deliverance in the Questions/Comments section.

Note: If you are a deliverance minister interested in information about becoming an affiliate, please click on the “Linkup” link, (do not use this form for that).



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